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Map of New  Route (9.20.16)

Satellite View of New route

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Winnebago-Boone Farm Bureau's Position:

The Winnebago-Boone Farm Bureau is opposed to the Great Lakes Basin Rail project at this time, but our organization will continue to evaluate the project and has the right to change our position if the economic interests and benefits outweigh the costs. April 15, 2016.

The Surface Transportation Board voted today to reject

the proposed Great Lakes Basin Rail Line.  

The Surface Transportation Board voted today (8/31/2017) to reject the proposed Great Lakes Basin Rail Line.

The STB’s five-page decision is attached.   STB found the application incomplete and GLBT’s assets of $151 “so clearly deficient for purposes of constructing a 261-mile rail line that the Board will not proceed with this application given the impacts on stakeholders and the demands upon Board resources.”  

The STB decision concludes: 

1. The application is rejected.

2. The environmental review is discontinued.

3. The petitions for rejection of GLBT’s application filed by the Opposition Groups, Save Our Farmland, and ELPC are dismissed as moot.

The Board acknowledged the comments filed by U.S. Senator Richard Durbin, U.S. Representatives Robin Kelly and Adam Kinzinger, state and local officials and entities, and numerous comments filed by individual private citizens.

Letter from the STB rejecting application

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Additional Links and Documents

Summary of STB Process for new railroad construction projects

Summary of Environmental Review Process before the STB

STB Docket which has the filings submitted to the STB

Surface Transportation Board- EIS

Great Lakes Basin

Boone County, IL

Boone Co, IL Printable map book of proposed route (PDF)

Boone County Online mapping application of the proposed railroad route with additional Boone County information such as parcel boundaries, road names and municipal boundaries

Amtrak Study (released in 2015)

Kevin Rund, IFB Radio interview on Central ILLINOIS

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Illinois Farm Bureau Opposes GLBT


Illinois Farm Bureau Request Additional Public Comment Period...

Letter to STB 9.23.16

 Latest News

GLBT release Stockholder, Financial Info

FarmWeek- published  June 23, 2017

GLB Responses to STB

June 9, 2017- includes List of Share Holders

June 22, 2017- includes Financial Statements

STB Ruled GLBT's APPlication INCOMPLETE- June 2, 2017

STB ruled that GLBT’s application was incomplete and they ordered STB to submit supplemental information by June 22, 2017.

The deadlines imposed by the STB’s regulations for comments on the transportation merits of the application are tolled.  The STB will issue a subsequent order IF GLBT submits the information requested by June 22, 2017 and then the STB will address the requests for an extension of time.  Click here to read STB's Order.

IL State Representatives Back Resolution against GLB Railroad

Peoria Public Radio

STB Order for Individuals to Comment- May 9, 2017

STB entered an order waiving the service of process requirement for individuals who submit comments to the STB on GLBT’s application. Click here to read STB's Order.

Illinois Farm Bureau Dispels rumors about Great Lakes Basin...


Prairie Farmer on Eminent Domain

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