ComEd Energy Efficiency Programs for Agriculture- Tuesday, December 1st Recording Now Available

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The webinar covered the benefits of the ComEd Energy Efficiency agriculture offering, available incentives for livestock, grain, indoor farming and the impact energy efficiency can have on your farm operations.

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April 28 | 2 PM: Providing Suitable Woodland Habitat for Secretive Animals – Bats, Snakes, and Salamanders

Woodlands across Illinois are home to many secretive animals that creep, crawl, or fly, including salamanders, snakes, and bats. We tend to think these animals prefer dark and cold spaces, but this is not always the best habitat for them. Discover how you can provide habitat for these animals in your woods. Contact: Chris Evans at

Family, Food, and Finances

April 28 | Noon: ​​​​​​​Food for Thought: Exploring the Gut-Brain Axis | Springtime Science Health Series

Have you ever wondered how what you eat can impact your brain? Learn how our gut microbiome could be impacting our brain. Contact: Chelsey Byers at

April 29 | 10 AM: Tuning in to the Times | Keys for Embracing Aging

Staying in tune with the times throughout life promotes lifelong learning, which increases knowledge, problem-solving skills, and decision-making. Contact: Chelsey Byers at

May 3 | 8 AM: Prana Vayus 6-Week Meditation Series: Meditation Mornings

Meditation Mornings is a recurring 6-week series for school staff led by Michele Crawford, Extension community health educator. Series topics include Restoration, Chakras, and Five Elements. Contact: James McCombs at

Community and Economic Development

April 29 | Noon: The First 100 Days: Presidential Administration Transition Review

Take an unbiased, neutral look at the transition from the Trump administration to the Biden administration as experts analyze impacts and Biden’s record at this traditional benchmark on the future of the nation, the prospects for the two major parties, and what Donald Trump’s continuing impact may be. Co-hosts University of Illinois Extension and Rural Partners welcome John Jackson as he offers insight to local officials on implications of the presidential transition. Contact: Nancy Ouedraogo at

April 30 | 2 PM: Cool Season Grasses | Which Grass is Which

In spring, cool-season grasses emerge, grow, and flower. These grasses play an important role in providing habitat and food sources in the early spring before warm-season grasses emerge and flower in the summer. Grass identification doesn't have to be overwhelming! By learning what characteristics to look for, you can start to demystify the bunches of grass you see on your next hike. Contact: Erin Garrett at

May 1 | Roots Slurp

Nature-loving children, families and educators are invited to explore this pre-recorded hour-long session about plants. The lesson is appropriate for families with children ages 4 to 7 and pre-K to 2nd-grade educators. Learning through nature-related stories, a lesson, and even virtual hikes will give children a view of nature they don’t always see or hear. Contact: Peggy Doty at