Here's something you already know… every day, politicians and regulators make decisions that impact the way you farm.  Here's something you may have overlooked though… politics have changed - a lot!  Don't feel discouraged.  You can take back your influence in Washington, Springfield, and even your own backyard with Illinois Farm Bureau's FB ACT program.

FB ACT (Farm Bureau Agricultural Contact Team) started as a group of men and women who had an interest in the legislative process.  That used to work.  Today, your voice can easily be drowned out by others speaking out against you.

What is FB ACT?
FB ACT (Farm Bureau Agricultural Contact Team) is a program that helps you take back your influence in Washington, Springfield, and even your own backyard.

How will I know when to act?
When an action arises, you may be contacted in several different ways: a phone call from your FB ACT chair, an email, a text message on your cell phone, a letter from your county Farm Bureau, etc.

If I join, what is expected of me?
As an FB ACT member, you are expected to respond to every action request (request to contact your elected official) and vote. The better question is what do you expect from yourself? FB ACT has little to do with our expectations and more to do with the steps you're willing to take to protect your farm.

Who decided what issues FB ACT should address?
Farmers decided! FB ACT is the final step in IFB's grassroots policy process. After an IFB voting member brings an idea, it's researched, voted on, and made into policy. The policy then needs to be put into action. That's where you come in. As an FB ACT member, you'll make the phone call or attend the meeting that will help turn that policy into a law, regulation, or statement that supports you and your fellow farmer.

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