SAI 2017

Debbie Ackerman, Lockwood Park

Dennis Anthony, Winnebago Co. SWCD

Vickie Broos, U of I Extension-Boone Co.

Jackie DeBatista, U of I Extension- Winnebago Co.

Jaime Horstmeier, Durand Elementary

Dan Kane, Boone County Conservation Dist.

Scott Lee, Conserv FS

Beth Limones, Seth Whitman Elementary

Jim Mulcahy, Boone Co. SWCD

Dr. Linda Oshita, R.O.E.

Corrine Sosso, Discovery Center Muesum

Bernie Walsh, local ag producer

Diane Cleland

Ag Literacy Coordinator

Emily Newcomer

Ag Educator

Agricultural kits are available to check out!
Listed below is a complete list of kits the Winnebago-Boone Farm Bureau Ag in the Classroom program has to offer to you! Kits have lots of variety, and can be used in classrooms from PreK all the way through 8th grade. These kits can be checked out by contacting the office at (815) 962-0653 or emailing our Ag Literacy Coordinator at

AITC kits

Classroom Programs
In addition to checking out kits, our Ag Literacy coordinator will do in class programs at no charge to you or the school.  These programs usually include a lesson, a hands on activity, book or movie, depending on the program you request. Attached below are brochures outlining the programs available for the Fall semester as well as a program request for that you can fill out and send back to secure your request.

Winter/Spring Program Books

Winter/Spring 2017- Preschool

Program Request Form
(Please download this form and email it to Ag In the Classroom)

AITC Library

This year we have updated and organized our in house library to make access easier for you as a teacher.  We have also purchased several new books that have been approved by the Common Core standards so you can incorporate agriculture right into your lesson plans. And finally we have listed out books that we do not have in our library, but are appropriate, websites, and movies that are listed by topic for convenience.  All of these materials have been looked over for accuracy and have been approved for classroom use.

AITC LIBRARY- Books available on loan

Ag Literacy Advisory Council

Ag Literacy Staff