2017-2018 Board of Directors

Back Row (L to R): John Mitchell, Curt Greenlee, Jeremy Franseen, Cody Book, Julie Newhouse, Brent Pollard, Richard Beuth, Brian Sission, Clay Sohner, and Gary Greenlee

Front Row (L to R): Phillip Raines, Brent Mueller, John Cleland, Larry Larson, David Daly, Sidney Moate, and Jon Lang

Board of Directors

President - Richard Beuth, Leaf River
Vice President - John Cleland, Capron
Secretary - Julie Newhouse, Capron
Treasurer - Sid Moate, Rockford

Cody Book, Harvard
David Daly, Pecatonica
Jeremy Franseen, Poplar Grove
Curt Greenlee, Caledonia
Gary Greenlee, Caledonia
Jon Lang, South Beloit
Larry Larson, Pecatonica
John Mitchell, Winnebago
Brent Mueller, Garden Prairie
Brent Pollard, Rockford
Phillip Raines, Davis
Brian Sisson, Belvidere
Clay Sohner, Rockford

Office Staff

Ann Marie Cain


Sandy Mitchell

Membership Administrator and Accounting

Tammy Wakeley and Sheri Lee

Administrative Assistant

Emily Hanlin

Ag Communications/Administrative Assistant  

Diane Cleland

Ag Literacy Coordinator

Katie Rudy

Ag Literacy Educator

Doni Nelson

Ag Literacy Educator